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“NY Criminal Defense is the best resource I’ve ever found for victims who need the best defense available in their corner.  I felt backed into a corner with nobody to turn to.  Not only did they support me from a legal standpoint.  They analyzed all of the evidence available, were incredibly resourceful, and fought for me.  When you need someone to fight for you, they are the absolute best investment available.  I stand by them.”

Susan L. White


Over 45 Years Experience.  Here For You.

A criminal arrest is one of the most intimidating experiences one can encounter. Whether charged with a felony or a misdemeanor, you can face consequences that may follow you for the rest of your life. Beyond the legal effects, the reputation gained when someone’s been deemed guilty can remain on their record and affect their entire life.

NY Criminal Defense prides itself on providing high quality legal representation, not on the quantity of clients. This means each case is treated with individual attention.

Clients choose NY Criminal Defense because of:

  • A consistent track record of positive results
  • Defense by a former prosecutor with years of experience
  • More than four decades of experience

No case is too difficult to tackle, so you can rest assured that your future is safe.


With nearly 50 years of combined experience, NY Criminal Defense is an expertly crafted criminal defense firm that is dedicated to providing the residents of NYC with the aggressive representation they deserve.


Call today to get started. An expert legal professional is standing by and waiting to assist you with your case. You have nothing to lose by investing in your future, so don’t wait another second.  From the moment that you entrust us with your case, you will be met with trustworthy, dependable and sincere representation.


If you have been charged with a federal crime, your case will be tried in a completely separate court system. NY Criminal Defense is able to defend you in federal court proceedings. These courts have completely different procedures and the process itself is different than those cases with the state. It is important that you have support that is familiar with the federal courts and is skilled at federal litigation. 

You will find these qualities in each member of our legal team. There are many types of crimes that would be classified as federal. If you have been charged with any federal crime, a New York City criminal lawyer at our firm can offer you the legal assistance that you require.